Parenteral Vial

Genesis Packaging Technologies is a Worldwide Leader in the Science and Technology of Parenteral Vial Sealing

We provide advanced vial sealing equipment for the packaging of critical injectable pharmaceutical products. Genesis designs, develops and builds vial cappers with innovative technologies that meet the technical challenges of parenteral pharmaceutical packaging, assuring seal integrity and in compliance with advancing regulatory requirements for aseptic processing and container closure integrity. Offering our customers the tools and knowledge to consistently achieve container closure integrity remains our priority. To that end, Genesis also manufactures a specialized instrument to test a key attribute of the sealed parenteral vial: Residual Seal Force. Not only do we provide the equipment to generate residual seal force data but Genesis provides the knowledge on just how to use that data to help create process parameters that consistently deliver integral seals.

In our commitment to further the understanding of the science of Container Closure Integrity, Genesis has created an invaluable resource by affiliating with a number of pharmaceutical services companies to provide training and consulting services to the parenteral pharmaceutical industry.

Genesis is the successor company to The West Company Machinery Systems Division, and a division of R-V Industries, Inc.. The company has manufactured serum vial sealing equipment since 1946. During this period, well over 1500 pieces of equipment have been installed worldwide in pharmaceutical, veterinary, diagnostic and biotech facilities. Genesis continues to service and maintain this equipment.

For the better part of a century Genesis Packaging Technologies
has been at the forefront of sealing technology.
Providing the pharmaceutical industry with
parenteral vial sealing solutions is what we do.


The company has manufactured serum vial sealing equipment since 1946.

  1. 1946

    The West Company Machinery Systems Division is founded and begins manufacturing serum vial sealing equipment.

  2. 1996

    The West Company spins off the Machinery Division to private investors, it is named Genesis Machinery Products.

  3. 2006

    Genesis Machinery Products changes it's name to Genesis Packaging Technologies to more reflect it's growing portfolio.

  4. 2017

    Genesis Packaging Technologies is acquired by RV Industries, Inc., of Honey Brook, PA becoming a Division of RV Industries.

Not "Just Cappers"

Genesis brings to the table much more than the time-honored Westcapper® sealing technology. We bring a complete understanding of the parenteral package itself. Our technical experts maintain long-standing relationships with parenteral package component manufacturers. We know the vial package. Our expertise in the science of sealing is deep-rooted and so is our commitment to seal integrity.

Genesis provides technical consultation and training in all areas of parenteral packaging including the selection and utilization container/closure components including: materials of construction, packaging development, risk assessments, supplier qualification, container/closure integrity, regulatory compliance, and investigations.

Whether adapting to the dynamic climate of worldwide regulatory change or providing equipment for small scale production, Genesis maintains its primary focus: provide the highest quality integral over sealing equipment in the world.

At Genesis we go beyond the mechanical aspects of the Westcapper® . From in-depth seal integrity training to machine optimization; from stopper compression analysis to residual seal force testing, Genesis offers a unique comprehensive range of educational and analytical tools to ensure the highest quality over sealing available.

We’re more than just cappers. We’re the whole package.

Organizations We Serve On

Genesis representatives serve on and lead various technical committees, and interest groups of organizations such as PDA, ISPE, ASTM and ISO. They are teachers, sharing their knowledge at seminars and training sessions around the world.